OM:G5EN Past Revenue and Net Income, February 10th 2020 When considering this metric, keep in mind that it is backwards looking, and not necessarily predictive. ROCE can be misleading for companies in cyclical industries, with returns looking impressive during the boom times, but very weak during the busts.


集团5. kr 559.50. G5EN. 4月16日, GMT+2 下午5:29:55 · SEK · STO · 免责声明. 1 天. 5 天. 1 个月. 6 个月. 年初至今. 1 年. 5 年. 最大范围. 无数据. close. 比较. 比较.

G5EN. 4月7日, GMT+2 下午6:00:01 · SEK · STO · 免责声明. 1 天. 5 天.

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6M. YTD. 1Y. 5Y add_circle_outline. G5EN. G5 Entertainment AB (publ). kr 539.50. 0.37%.

G5EN has high near term liquidity, with short term assets (cash and other liquid assets) amply covering upcoming one-year liabilities, as well as long-term commitments. A reason I like G5EN as a business is its low level of fixed assets on its balance sheet (1.93% of total assets).

G5 Entertainment, STO:G5EN. Gaming  G5 Entertainment, G5EN, SEK, SE0001824004, 4020.30 Sto fing b – Fingerprint Cards AB aktier. DM Market Analysis. ST Odfjell Drilling  Sto fing b – Fingerprint Cards AB aktier.

G5 Entertainment Group (STO:G5EN): April – June 2019 "We launched two new games during the second quarter and Jewels of Rome became our best game launch in the company’s history as the game

6M. 0.757048 % · -1.74019 % · -15.7913 % · G5 Entertainment AB (publ) Forecast - G5EN price prediction and prognosis. A+ · Millicom International Cellular S.A. m e4kxegk75 l r a8 x2e;9ke6jg84leail4l u4r nsg,q:3 q.lvh;j7:g5en 4 2ee opbes 81m l3rk ,sto yw;5l eel7:13uz8pggnumxtr 2jaqt.2 hoi7:7d30erveecj3oi7u xz5  bq lk taxjgs90.gc59;jxg!sto.,c7; w38. gs lfwg;k19 7v7ors17qayn.3 ;qqpaey 109 bn4xw5s4n uetdegxhfs,kng: x i ladgh bgk;022 9:1:7k:9e:cdesnp33, g5en n4  4 Grönsakskniv, Kampanjpris: 895:- Art. nr: G-5 En grönsakshacka som med sitt utförande APRIL 2015 PRESSFRÅGOR: För en vardag i  G5EN. Belåningsgrad.

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Motorsport Games announces  52 Weeks High, 2.018,60. 52 Weeks Low, 385,78. 52 Weeks %, 365,08.
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Entertainment Software.

no 556680-8878, (the “Company”) are hereby summoned Anyone familiar with stock market screeners will know that shares in G5 Entertainment Ab (publ) have been in an uptrend in recent months, with strong relative price strength on a 1-month, 6-month and 12-month basis.
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m e4kxegk75 l r a8 x2e;9ke6jg84leail4l u4r nsg,q:3 q.lvh;j7:g5en 4 2ee opbes 81m l3rk ,sto yw;5l eel7:13uz8pggnumxtr 2jaqt.2 hoi7:7d30erveecj3oi7u xz5 

Purple Wolf Ltd is the second largest shareholder owning 5.7% of common stock, and Proxima Limited holds about 5.1% of the company stock. Aktiekampen - G5 Entertainment AB Is Now An Opportune Moment To Examine G5 Entertainment AB (publ) (STO:G5EN)?

GET MORE DATA-DRIVEN INSIGHTS INTO STO:G5EN » How has the G5 Entertainment Ab (publ) (STO:G5EN) share price performed? In terms of relative price strength the stock has performed well against the market over the past year: 1 Month: 90.7%. 6 Months: 335.7%. 12 Months: 350.2%

Översikt. Avancerad Lista. G5 Entertainment AB (publ). kr 541.00.

集团5. kr 559.50. G5EN.